Get Your Home Ready To Sell

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Get Your Home Ready To Sell

A common mistake people make is to spend a lot of money, mula, dinero on renovations, and remodeling.  As a real estate professional, I recommend the goal should be to spend as little money as possible.  The time to remodel is when you plan to stay, live, and raise your family in the house, not when you’re going to sell.

First things first – have a garage sale to declutter.  Once that is complete, it will be easier to see what needs to be done.

Here are just TEN recommendations when selling your home:

Edge, mow and fertilize the lawn regularly.

Buy a new welcome mat. (Take off all timbs at the door please)

If you have siding or brick, power-wash it. If you have a painted exterior, consider repainting in a neutral shade. This is especially important if there is any peeling. (Especially since most buyers might have an FHA loan)

Repair and replace loose or damaged roof shingles. (Just be careful up there santa)

Paint the front door.

Clean, clean, clean. This includes walls, floors, inside closets and cabinets – everything. (So fresh and so clean-clean.)

Paint the walls and ceilings a neutral color – off white or beige. (LESS is more)

Repair cracks, holes and damage to plaster, wallboard, wallpaper, paint, and tiles.

Buy new cabinet knobs and curtains for the kitchen. ( The LITTLE things make the biggest difference)

Shampoo all carpets, scrub and wax linoleum, wash and wax wood floors.

All can be done on a small budget, and will help you reach the end zone- your home sold!


All in all, take it one step at a time. Feel free to check out my website if you have additional questions or if you would like to know the value of your home 

Until next time,


"Never Give Up"